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  • Rethink

    Your Injury

    Lingering muscle contraction is a factor in virtually any persistent injury to skeletal and soft tissues.

  • Recognize

    the Mechanism

    A small fraction of injured muscle fibres are in sustained contraction. These shortened fibres

    • restrict joint movement
    • reduce strength
    • cause pain
  • Review

    the Anatomy

    Shortened muscle fibres and tight fascia are clearly evident on physical examination as palpable pain points.

  • Release

    the Muscle

    Needle stimulationdirectly targeted to the palpable muscle fibres and fascia releases the contraction. The fibres and fascia return to a normal relaxed state.

    This is not acupuncture but physician delivered myofibril release.

    No drugs are used or needed.

  • Relieve

    the Pain

    Relaxed muscle fibres and fascia no longer cause pain. The release is frequently immediate at the time of treatment.

    Pain often does not return unless the muscle is reinjured.

  • Restore


    Muscle fibres with a normal length allow increased range of motion of the associated joints and painfree freedom of movement.

  • Resume

    Your Life

    Reduction or resolution of pain changes your daily life.

    The quality of your relationships improve and the demands of life are easier to manage.


Resolving Pain is Our Passion

We are passionate about helping people resolve their pain.

Most of us are pain patients too, so we understand the challenges in getting effective pain treatment and resolution.


The past tense of muscle pain


targeted myofascial pain release

myoActivation is the drug-free treatment of acute and chronic soft tissue pain using a trigger point injection technique to release muscle and fascial fibres from sustained contraction.

Results are often immediate at the time of treatment.

Initial appointments are available upon referral from a physician.