What is myoActivation?

myoActivation® is a methodology to assess and treat chronic pain conditions.  It combines release of muscles in sustained contraction, fascia in tension and relevant scars with the aim to resolve pain.  

Dr. Greg Siren developed the myoActivation® methodology over his career.  He has had 30,000+ encounters with over 6,000 patients using myoActivation®. 

myoActivation® uses specific trigger point and other needling techniques and protocols based on years of experience.

To ensure quality assurance, myoActivation® has been trademarked

A book chapter on the myoActivation® system of pain care is now available to you as a free download.

 The chapter is titled ‘myoActivation: a structured process for chronic pain resolution’ and is part of an online and print book, Pain Treatment, published by IntechOpen, London UK, and edited by Marco Cascella MD PhD of the Istituto Nazionale Tumori in Italy. 

The myoActivation Training Series

The myoActivation training series consists of four levels.

In each level:

  • Participants will review clinical anatomy, practice new assessment techniques, and treat different regions of the body.

  • Emphasis is placed on practical, hands-on skills. Participants will be expected to practice on each other

Each of the 4 levels in the myoActivation Training Series include:

  • A knowledge component, delivered through an e-Learning platform

  • Two-day clinical workshop

  • Follow up support

Who should attend?

Physicians & nurse practitioners who want to learn a rapid and effective treatment approach for common chronic pain presentations.  

Participants must be licensed to deliver injections and hold liability insurance covering their scope of practice.

Level 1 Training


In level 1, you will learn and practice the fundamentals about the myoActivation as a therapeutic system of pain care, and also learn assessment/treatment approaches for:

  • Low back pain

  • Knee pain

  • Balance impairments

Level 2 Training


In level 2, you will learn additional important principles underpinning myoActivation.

You will gain skills to assess and treat more complex pain presentations using myoActivation methodology, and gain skills to apply myoActivation treatment for torso-based clinical problems.

Level 2 addresses widespread and post-surgical pain and assessment/treatment approach for treating pain in the following anatomical areas:

  • Jaw

  • Neck

  • Shoulder – simple presentations

  • Interscapular region

  • Chest wall

  • Pelvis

  • Hip and groin

Level 3 Training


Level 3 addresses mobility impairments, acute pain and teaches assessment/treatment approaches for:

  • Shoulder – complex presentations

  • Arm pain (including elbow and wrist)

  • Leg pain (including ankle and foot)

Level 4 Training

Level 4 addresses complex problems and special populations and teaches the assessment/treatment approach for:

  • Face, sinuses

  • Thumb and fingers

  • Toes