Your First Appointment

Once we receive a referral from  your physician, we will book your first appointment. This appointment will last 30 minutes and will include a consultation with the doctor and a trial treatment if that's right for you.

Before the appointment starts, we will review an Informed Consent Form with you and ask you to sign it once we have answered any questions you may have.  We will only treat you after you have signed this form indicating that you consent to treatment.

You will meet with your doctor who will ask you about your medical history and do a physical exam.

Please be ready to discuss:

  • injuries and illnesses since childhood
  • surgeries
  • any scars

The physical exam includes testing range of motion and palpation of painful areas.

If appropriate, the doctor will give you a trial myoActivation trigger point injection to find out if that is helpful for you. Most people do receive trial treatments during their initial consultation.